Shaktipat - Descent of the Grace and Rise of the Kundalini
Spiritual Awakening and Meditation on Automatic Pilot

In India, many different traditional spiritual practices (devotional rituals, selfless service, Hatha Yoga, meditation, mantra, ...) are aimed to purify the physical body, subtle energies and mind to finally awaken a divine power latent in us called Kundalini Shakti.

In the Siddha Maha Yoga system, on the contrary, spiritual work starts directly with the activation of this process by the blessing and Grace transmitted by the Guru. Kundalini Shaktipat is a very old yogic science and literally means transfer/descent (pat) of energy (Shakti). As a lit candle can light another candle through the contact of its flame, the awakened spiritual Master can likewise awaken the latent divine energy (Kundalini Shakti) of the aspirant.

This energy then begins a gradual work of healing and purification on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, chakras, ...) in order to free ourselves from the burden of injuries and conditioning that we have accumulated in our lives. The practice of meditation is effortless because it consists simply in letting the awakened Kundalini Shakti accomplish spontaneously its work of transformation. Shaktipat is described in the yogic texts as an initiation which operates an internal opening of consciousness, a process that leads to ever higher states of consciousness by the regular practice of meditation.

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