Meditation - Journey to the Centre of the Self
Mental Clarity - Emotional Stability - Spiritual Realization

The mind, our most precious tool, should be quiet, stable and strong without rigidity, flexible, fluid and resilient : Able to adapt to any temporary internal or external fluctuation and focus like a laser beam as well as opening up and letting go..

This companion of every moment, faithful servant and friend if properly purified, balanced and under control, can also be our worst enemy if it is unstable, cluttered with negative emotions and unfounded prejudice.

The practice of meditation, a subtle blend of relaxation and concentration, involves turning the attention inward and going on a journey of discovery of our true nature, both psychologically and spiritually.

A subtle alchemy gradually transforms those who deepen this inner pilgrimage ; there will then usually arise a number of beneficial side effects resulting from the purification of our mind : inner peace, reduced stress, emotional stability, enhanced concentration and intuition abilities.

Realization of the Self, of our Primordial Nature, of the Divine Essence in us ... Liberation ... Salvation of the Soul ... Nirvana ... Tao ... The various spiritual traditions around the world have tried to describe the ultimate goal of this inner journey by means of different words and concepts appropriate to their age and culture. But only those who have the perseverance to carry it to completion will be able to unravel its mysteries and harvest its fruits.

Have a pleasant journey!

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